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About the guild
Thirsty Souls, is a Guild made up by the best pirates in the Caribbean, where bravery, fun and unity have the same meaning.

The pirates who join this Guild are thirsty of freedom, victory, friendship, fun, madness, power or whatever that make them happy. We are well known by our organization and team work, which have made us succeed in many battles and participate in different events.

Most of people in Thirsty Souls are talended in different skills not only in the game, but also at real life so they like to contribute in the guild’s life inside and outside POTCO, one of them is the famous pirate Eliza Macmorgan, who make videos where she shows the funniest things around the Caribbean.

The Thirsty Souls is a peaceful Guild, but if you mess with one of our members, you mess with all the Guild and we will make you pay for any kind of offense because Thirsty Souls, do not tolerate disrespect. We are like a family so we protect each other. =)