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by Peter Warpaine on Jan 02, 2014 at 08:44 PM
Hell has manifest upon the waters of the sea, the sun shining, leaving a glittering reflection on the sea, but the battle wages on. My first mate, Grace yelled "Load the guns and gift the sea with another wreck!" I Was at the Helm of the Demon, Hornigold to my right. "Peter, never put your guard down, sink a ship, then move on to the rest, and don't get over-confident." I Told "I'm Aware of that Ben, But I Only have one focus, and that's to sink those bastards!" I Saw the Jackdaw to my right, and I Was in the line of sight and hearing with the captain, Edward Kenway. I Yelled "Kenway!, need a hand?" He Laughed "No, But I Think I See Someone who does." He Pointed forward, and I Saw the Queen Anne's Revenge, being flanked by two frigates. We Started sailng to Thatch to help, then we heard an explosion, I Looked back to the Ranger, Charles ship, Bursting in flames, and sinking to the depths of Poseidon's Realm. "I Told, if u don't want to end up like him, Then lets finish this fight." Then Edward called full sail and sped to the Queen Anne's Revenge to aid. I Was about to call the same, until an explosion blinded me, I fell Back from the helm and then, Everything went Dark.

I Awoke from my unexpected nap, and to see Grace at the Helm and Hornigold to the right of her, Blood Trickled from the side of my face. I Stood up, she looked to see me standing up, she had some blood dripping from her lip. She Gave me the Helm and said, " Welcome back, Captain." I Thanked her, and sailed forward. Hornigold Grinned and said "How was your slumber?" I Told, "Nice I Guess, but I Still need to fight." I Looked in the Fog, I Saw the Jackdaw and the Queen Anne's Revenge firing upon the same Man o War, but this one looked different, it's sails, instead of pure white, it was a dark grey, then i realized, It Was the HMS Prince, the Deadliest ship to sail the West Indies. I Told my men, "Alright lads, this is the finale, even though we might not make it, We Shall Forge our Legend in Steel, and Captains will still Fear our Republic, Now we shall fight to the Bitter End!" They all Shouted Aye, and we sailed to help Thatch and Kenway to Defeat this Beast.

I Rammed into the Beast of a ship, and fired Broadsides upon Broadsides to sink the ship. The Jackdaw Fired a Lead Shots and Chain shots to de-mast the ship. Finally, The Queen Anne's Revenge Rammed into the hull, and the HMS Prince, was ready to be boarded. Hundreds of Pirates, Fought Thousands of Red coats. I Unsheathed my Blade, Took hold of my pistol, and jumped into the fight, I Saw Thatch fighting Recklessly, I looked up to the mast, and Saw Edward Sneeking on the ropes to Assasinate. Grace and Ben ran up to me. " We Won't Last much longer." Grace Stated "We Must fight, You and Ben both know that." Ben Barked, "Oh I Know That Alright, and I Intend to keep fighting." Then A Bunch of Red Coats rushed into us, One Pushed me into the mast, and Ben to the ground. Then, I Saw One, Slash their knife across Grace's Face, and stab her in the back, it wasn't enough to kill her, but it caused pain. When I Saw it happen, My Eyes Burned with Rage, Anger Burning into my Bones. I Pushed the red coat out of my way, and ran straight for Grace, I Stabbed the red coat in his back with my blade, and took his knife, only to stab him in his eye. "Grace, are you ok?" I Asked. "Im Fine, just a flesh wound." She Answered. Ben Came to us, and then we found our self all cornered. We Kept our ground. Then, Blackbeard and Edward came in to aid, with their crew. Thatch said "Say, need our help to win this?" I looked to him " Thanks lad, But lets save the chat for later." Then the Pirates and Red coats slashed their blades and firing their flintlocks. We Won the battle, although we lost alot of men, their lives were not lost in vain. We had only few scars, bruises and one or two wounds. We all looked at each other, and exchanged smiles and laughs. Edward said "Poor Vane, But he didn't die for nothing, He Fought for our Republic." He Handed us all rum bottles, He rose his and made a toast "To Vane." We all repeated "To Vane." Then we all took a drink. Then, we went back to our ships, and Left the HMS Prince to burn to ashes, and sailed to the Sunset..
The End.
by Peter Warpaine on Nov 27, 2013 at 02:52 PM
You Know My Story, So I Need not to Waste my breath again explaining.... Actually I Should Tell you My Name if you Don't Remember, Its Peter Warpaine. Anyways,North Carolina, with The Most Fearsome Pirates to sail These West Indies, Charles Vane, Benjamin Horingold, Ed Thatch etc... And We Were Celebrating Our Fortune, Well All Except Hornigold. " You're All a Disgrace to Our Republic!" Ben Growled. "When We Could be Attacking The Navy Off Guard, You're all Just Sitting Here, Too Drunk to Bloody Stand!" That Made Thatch Enraged. "Whats Wrong With Taking A Break from Thundering Cannons, Men Barking Orders, And Waging War! Eh? Tell Me Whats Wrong With That!" The Two Men Kept Arguing, They Never Really Got Along In The First Place. They Drew Their Cutlasses And Thats When Me And My First Mate,(Grace Goldcastle) Had to Step in. "You Two! Stop Acting like you're Dogs Fighting over a Bone! Thatch is Right,You Deserve a Break From Your Efforts to Overthrow the Navy, I Know I Just Arrived Here, But I Can See That You All Had done Alot." Grace Nodded, saying " Thats Right, And Hornigold, Your Idea is good Too, We just Need to Be Patient and Wait for the Right time." They Both Dropped Their Cutlasses, Still Looked Like they Wanted to Slice Each Other's Neck, At Least They Weren't Doing So. We Both took a Deep Breath After That. Thatch Came Up To Me. "Remember This, For if a Man Plays the Fool, Then its Only Fools He'll Persuade, But Appear to Be the Devil, ALL Men will Submit." It Was a Long Silence Until I Said " You Said that to Ben and Calico Didn't You, It Ain't Working On Me." He Stared At Me With Devilish Eyes, Truth Be Told, Probably Scared the Hell Outta his Men.

"You Got Some Guts Lad,I Must Say, Its Cause I Dont Have my Fuses Isn't it?" He Still Stared at Me, Not Really Striking Fear, Then Left To Find his Fuses, Not the Best Idea."Bravo.... Captain Warpaine." I Knew That Kinda Growl Anywhere, Vane. I Started Asking Questions, Like why did He See Me Succesful Now. "Vane? Aplausing Someone? Where did Charles go?" I Asked. He Seemed to let out a Laugh. "Its Not Everyday Someone Sees the Courage to Step to Thatch's Level... or Blackbeard, Whatever the Hell they Call him Anymore."

"Although Your First Mate, Didn't do So Well." "Suck a Muzzle Vane, You And I Both Know if We didn't Stop Them, They Would Kill Each other." I Was About to Draw My Cutlass, Until I Heard somethin Like Thunder, Me and Vane Both looked to See What Caused It. Then Right There, Explosions, Flames, All Wrought The Camp. Then in The Fog Ahead of us.... We Saw Fleets Of Man o Wars, Loaded with Cannons, Awaiting For their Time to Strike. Then I Saw Kenway, The Pirate Trained By Assassins. "It Was a Damn Trap! One of Blackbeard's Men was a Snitch to the Navy to Destroy Us All!" Kenway Exclaimed Hornigold Came Rushing In "I Bloody Told You We Should be Attacking Them, Now We're On The Other Side of the Invasion." Vane Called on His Men " To The Ranger Lads!" Kenway Did the Same " All Ye Mates, To The Jackdaw!" Hornigold's Ship was Sunk On The First Brigade, How Fortunate for Him. I Rallied My Men Up, " Alright Mates, Lets Show them What the Demon (My Vessel) Is Made Out Of!" Thatch Came Enraged to The Queen Anne's Revenge. He Growled " Give No Quater!!! Today, We Sink The Navy's Finest to Theses West Indies Seas!!" Hornigold Came Aboard The Demon, " Peter, Do Me a Favor, Sink Those Bastards, They Took My Ship, We Do The Same." The Queen Anne's Led Our Fleet To The Invasion, And We Fight For Our Lives.

To Be Continued.....
by Rose Bluehawk on Sep 22, 2013 at 09:55 PM
I remember when I started playing. My brother taught me how to play and I soon started to meet many friends. playing this game has taught me more than how to kill zombies. :P

It has taught me the values of friendship. Making friends on here cheered me up and I had someone to talk to. Friends come and go but I can always depend on my guild.

Being in the Thirsty Souls was amazing. It was by far the best guild view ever been in. I met new friends and continued my adventure.

When we heard potco was ending, it was unbelievable. But, I've learned that potco isn't my whole life. We all will remember the memories and friends, but we will move onto other adventures. We will all have each other on here, but it won't be the same.

Potco will live on with the Thirsty Souls! Thank you,

Rose Bluehawk
by Becca Hawk on Sep 21, 2013 at 04:27 PM
My eyes glistened in the sunshine of the afternoon as I stared dreamily at the island in front of me. Everything was much larger than that of my memories, but I hadn't remembered much. It was if I was seeing it for the first time, when I had lived in these waters for one short year back in my childhood.

But that's all I was at the time. A child.

Everyday I would finish school, and soon after I found myself running to explore the beautiful lands that surrounded me. It was all a fantasy come to life.
A few times my schoolmates would join me, exploring the island and talking to locals, but mostly I was on my own. This place and I.

It took some time before I managed to save enough money to purchase new clothing and a gold hoop for my right ear. My mother was kind enough to chip in as well, only after I had begged her time and time again.

It felt like only a short while, but it was suddenly known that I had to leave this magnificent place. I left the people and the sparkling blue water that called to me daily. It had soon become but a memory to me, until now.

Those were long years ago. Over six to be exact. In that time I had forgotten how much I had longed to return. This wonderful land was where I left my troubles behind and enjoyed the serene life of my dreams.

A member of the ship's crew had come out on deck. I had seen him on multiple occasions tending to the sails and receiving word from the captain. His skin was tanned and wrinkled by decades in the hot ocean sun. He smelled of the salt of the sea winds that blew through the long blonde braid that ran down my back. He told the other passengers and I that dropping anchor was imminent, and to gather our things. His lips puckered and he hinted a smile at me, green eyes gleaming with pride, before disappearing back under the floorboards into the ship's hull. That was the last I had ever seen of him.

I had come back to this world, alone. When I was younger, many of my friends joined me, but in the several years of my absence, they had also gone. Off to pursue other goals, so here I was, a teenage girl, alone in this vast ocean spotted with land.

Another crew member came up behind me, hooking my arm around his and hoisting me down to a small dingy off the starboard side. He handed me my small red suitcase that my mother had given me, and gave the prideful smile I had seen so much throughout the voyage. He then helped a few others down into the dingy behind me and waved to the man up front.

This man was a third member of the crew, but I hadn't so much as witnessed his face until now. He picked up his arms and began rowing our little dingy to shore.

As much as I loved the sea, watching dolphins dive into the air in the
evenings, the stars gleaming in the night sky, and waiting in hopes of seeing the green flash during sunset, I was eager to reach land. The sail had left me feeling under the weather, and I had never quite gotten my sea legs.

We came to a halt as the dingy touched the docks, and more men came to assist us. My corset was beginning to seem tight, and I was overjoyed to have solid, unmoving, almost ground beneath me.

I turned to the man who rowed us ashore and thanked him. He looked up at me with experience and wisdom in his icy blue eyes.

"Watch out for pirates," he winked, and began whistling a sailor's tune as he rowed back to the ship. Still to this day, I believe I detected the slightest whiff of rum, and the letter P. lightly branded on his wrist.

I picked up my small suitcase and turned around, taking in my surroundings. I was finally back, after all this time, I was here. This was and had always been my home. This, was Port Royal.
by Peter Watpaine on Sep 19, 2013 at 07:41 PM
When I Was Little The ship I was Sailing On Was Captured My Jolly Roger. On The Ship was Two other Kids A Girl And a Boy, About the Same Age I Was. We Saw The Crew Get Cursed.l.The Most Horrifying Image.We Got Off The Ship and Found Land. I Was The Only One That Didnt Get Out So Well. I Lost My Memory Ever Since I Still Have Visions of It Haunting Me. Fourteen Years Later I Got a Crew And a Ship. My First Mate Grace GoldCastle was Nice and we Plundered the Seas.One day She Said I Looked Familiar, I Didnt Know what to Say. She Asked me if I Knew My Family I Said I Had a Brother, Though I Dont Remember His Name. Then she Asked if I Had Any Scars I Hade One On my Eye When I Was Little When the Ship Got Attacked. She Told me The Most Suprising Thing I Had Found Out....... She was The Little Girl On That Ship That I Helped On That Day.... My Sister......
by Peter Warpaine on Aug 25, 2013 at 01:12 AM
Most Pirates Have their Lives Start with Arriving at the Caribbean, Not in My Case. I Didn't Know Where I Was From or Where I was Going. So I Started looking for A Place to Work to Get Me Self a Ship. Now that Would be Difficult for Me Why you Ask? Because Port Royal Had no Good for a Stoaway Like me, And Tortuga...well You Can Guess. As Thoguh it Seemed Hopless for me, A Pirate Named John DaggerFang Found me Usefull to Join his crew. Now I Got Better, But this only be the Start of My Adventure... To Be Continued........
by Scarlett Scorpio on May 11, 2013 at 05:31 PM
My story begins the day I arrived to the Caribbean some years ago during a winter day. At that time i was just a poor girl looking for the truth about my past and a new life, far away from Spain.

Everything was new for me and i didn’t know anybody in Port Royal. At the beginning I had many little Works around the island that helped me to get enough Money for food, until the day i got a job at a bar where i worked as a waitress.

That work allowed me to meet iteresting people and make many friends, mainly sailors and thanks to them I usually heard dark stories about pirates attacking every kind of ships and ports around the Caribbean and inever imagined that soon I would have to deal with some of them.

To be continued...