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A Mystery Found

by Peter Watpaine on Sep 19, 2013 at 07:41 PM}
When I Was Little The ship I was Sailing On Was Captured My Jolly Roger. On The Ship was Two other Kids A Girl And a Boy, About the Same Age I Was. We Saw The Crew Get Cursed.l.The Most Horrifying Image.We Got Off The Ship and Found Land. I Was The Only One That Didnt Get Out So Well. I Lost My Memory Ever Since I Still Have Visions of It Haunting Me. Fourteen Years Later I Got a Crew And a Ship. My First Mate Grace GoldCastle was Nice and we Plundered the Seas.One day She Said I Looked Familiar, I Didnt Know what to Say. She Asked me if I Knew My Family I Said I Had a Brother, Though I Dont Remember His Name. Then she Asked if I Had Any Scars I Hade One On my Eye When I Was Little When the Ship Got Attacked. She Told me The Most Suprising Thing I Had Found Out....... She was The Little Girl On That Ship That I Helped On That Day.... My Sister......


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