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A Second Chance

by Becca Hawk on Sep 21, 2013 at 04:27 PM}
My eyes glistened in the sunshine of the afternoon as I stared dreamily at the island in front of me. Everything was much larger than that of my memories, but I hadn't remembered much. It was if I was seeing it for the first time, when I had lived in these waters for one short year back in my childhood.

But that's all I was at the time. A child.

Everyday I would finish school, and soon after I found myself running to explore the beautiful lands that surrounded me. It was all a fantasy come to life.
A few times my schoolmates would join me, exploring the island and talking to locals, but mostly I was on my own. This place and I.

It took some time before I managed to save enough money to purchase new clothing and a gold hoop for my right ear. My mother was kind enough to chip in as well, only after I had begged her time and time again.

It felt like only a short while, but it was suddenly known that I had to leave this magnificent place. I left the people and the sparkling blue water that called to me daily. It had soon become but a memory to me, until now.

Those were long years ago. Over six to be exact. In that time I had forgotten how much I had longed to return. This wonderful land was where I left my troubles behind and enjoyed the serene life of my dreams.

A member of the ship's crew had come out on deck. I had seen him on multiple occasions tending to the sails and receiving word from the captain. His skin was tanned and wrinkled by decades in the hot ocean sun. He smelled of the salt of the sea winds that blew through the long blonde braid that ran down my back. He told the other passengers and I that dropping anchor was imminent, and to gather our things. His lips puckered and he hinted a smile at me, green eyes gleaming with pride, before disappearing back under the floorboards into the ship's hull. That was the last I had ever seen of him.

I had come back to this world, alone. When I was younger, many of my friends joined me, but in the several years of my absence, they had also gone. Off to pursue other goals, so here I was, a teenage girl, alone in this vast ocean spotted with land.

Another crew member came up behind me, hooking my arm around his and hoisting me down to a small dingy off the starboard side. He handed me my small red suitcase that my mother had given me, and gave the prideful smile I had seen so much throughout the voyage. He then helped a few others down into the dingy behind me and waved to the man up front.

This man was a third member of the crew, but I hadn't so much as witnessed his face until now. He picked up his arms and began rowing our little dingy to shore.

As much as I loved the sea, watching dolphins dive into the air in the
evenings, the stars gleaming in the night sky, and waiting in hopes of seeing the green flash during sunset, I was eager to reach land. The sail had left me feeling under the weather, and I had never quite gotten my sea legs.

We came to a halt as the dingy touched the docks, and more men came to assist us. My corset was beginning to seem tight, and I was overjoyed to have solid, unmoving, almost ground beneath me.

I turned to the man who rowed us ashore and thanked him. He looked up at me with experience and wisdom in his icy blue eyes.

"Watch out for pirates," he winked, and began whistling a sailor's tune as he rowed back to the ship. Still to this day, I believe I detected the slightest whiff of rum, and the letter P. lightly branded on his wrist.

I picked up my small suitcase and turned around, taking in my surroundings. I was finally back, after all this time, I was here. This was and had always been my home. This, was Port Royal.


Makes me think im in Port Royal again on my Pirate. It was really cool, your a really good writer Becca.
wow that was so intense :P
Becca Hawk
lol thank you :D
omg thats awesome

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