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The Dance With Death

by Peter Warpaine on Nov 27, 2013 at 02:52 PM}
You Know My Story, So I Need not to Waste my breath again explaining.... Actually I Should Tell you My Name if you Don't Remember, Its Peter Warpaine. Anyways,North Carolina, with The Most Fearsome Pirates to sail These West Indies, Charles Vane, Benjamin Horingold, Ed Thatch etc... And We Were Celebrating Our Fortune, Well All Except Hornigold. " You're All a Disgrace to Our Republic!" Ben Growled. "When We Could be Attacking The Navy Off Guard, You're all Just Sitting Here, Too Drunk to Bloody Stand!" That Made Thatch Enraged. "Whats Wrong With Taking A Break from Thundering Cannons, Men Barking Orders, And Waging War! Eh? Tell Me Whats Wrong With That!" The Two Men Kept Arguing, They Never Really Got Along In The First Place. They Drew Their Cutlasses And Thats When Me And My First Mate,(Grace Goldcastle) Had to Step in. "You Two! Stop Acting like you're Dogs Fighting over a Bone! Thatch is Right,You Deserve a Break From Your Efforts to Overthrow the Navy, I Know I Just Arrived Here, But I Can See That You All Had done Alot." Grace Nodded, saying " Thats Right, And Hornigold, Your Idea is good Too, We just Need to Be Patient and Wait for the Right time." They Both Dropped Their Cutlasses, Still Looked Like they Wanted to Slice Each Other's Neck, At Least They Weren't Doing So. We Both took a Deep Breath After That. Thatch Came Up To Me. "Remember This, For if a Man Plays the Fool, Then its Only Fools He'll Persuade, But Appear to Be the Devil, ALL Men will Submit." It Was a Long Silence Until I Said " You Said that to Ben and Calico Didn't You, It Ain't Working On Me." He Stared At Me With Devilish Eyes, Truth Be Told, Probably Scared the Hell Outta his Men.

"You Got Some Guts Lad,I Must Say, Its Cause I Dont Have my Fuses Isn't it?" He Still Stared at Me, Not Really Striking Fear, Then Left To Find his Fuses, Not the Best Idea."Bravo.... Captain Warpaine." I Knew That Kinda Growl Anywhere, Vane. I Started Asking Questions, Like why did He See Me Succesful Now. "Vane? Aplausing Someone? Where did Charles go?" I Asked. He Seemed to let out a Laugh. "Its Not Everyday Someone Sees the Courage to Step to Thatch's Level... or Blackbeard, Whatever the Hell they Call him Anymore."

"Although Your First Mate, Didn't do So Well." "Suck a Muzzle Vane, You And I Both Know if We didn't Stop Them, They Would Kill Each other." I Was About to Draw My Cutlass, Until I Heard somethin Like Thunder, Me and Vane Both looked to See What Caused It. Then Right There, Explosions, Flames, All Wrought The Camp. Then in The Fog Ahead of us.... We Saw Fleets Of Man o Wars, Loaded with Cannons, Awaiting For their Time to Strike. Then I Saw Kenway, The Pirate Trained By Assassins. "It Was a Damn Trap! One of Blackbeard's Men was a Snitch to the Navy to Destroy Us All!" Kenway Exclaimed Hornigold Came Rushing In "I Bloody Told You We Should be Attacking Them, Now We're On The Other Side of the Invasion." Vane Called on His Men " To The Ranger Lads!" Kenway Did the Same " All Ye Mates, To The Jackdaw!" Hornigold's Ship was Sunk On The First Brigade, How Fortunate for Him. I Rallied My Men Up, " Alright Mates, Lets Show them What the Demon (My Vessel) Is Made Out Of!" Thatch Came Enraged to The Queen Anne's Revenge. He Growled " Give No Quater!!! Today, We Sink The Navy's Finest to Theses West Indies Seas!!" Hornigold Came Aboard The Demon, " Peter, Do Me a Favor, Sink Those Bastards, They Took My Ship, We Do The Same." The Queen Anne's Led Our Fleet To The Invasion, And We Fight For Our Lives.

To Be Continued.....


:O Nice! I liked it!
thx i might make a new one, continuing where it left off

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